Chef Training

The basic course program is outlined here
Configuration Management
What Is Configuration Management?
Why You Need a Configuration Management Tool to Automate IT
What Is Chef?
Why Chef Might Be a Good Tool for Your Enterprise
Where Do We Go From Here?
Chef Development Tools
My Program in Chef
Chef Syntax and Examples
Working with Knife
Writing First Chef Recipe
Chef and Its Terminology
Using Cookbooks
Introducing Vagrant & Virtualbox
Introducing Test Kitchen
Spinning up your first Virtual Machine
Introducing OpsCode
Developing a Cookbooks
Developing Your First Cookbook
Writing a Recipe
Creating the Index File
Changing the Metadata
Uploading the Cookbook
Running the Cookbook
Add an Attribute
Add a Resource to the Default Recipe
Add the Template File
Uploading and Running the Cookbook
Using Environments
Cloud Provisioning Using Chef
Provisioning Using Vagrant and Chef
Providers and Provisioners
Installing Vagrant
Configuring Vagrant
Vagrant Provisioning Using Chef
AWS and Chef Provisioning Using Vagrant
Provisioning Using Knife
Troubleshooting and Debugging
Chef Troubleshooting and Debugging
Debugging Chef Client Run
Debugging Recipes Using Logs
Debugging Recipes Using Chef Shell
Troubleshooting Chef Client
Advance Chef
Recipe Inclusion
Data Bags
Search Roles
Configuring Services like Apache
Deployment using chef
Looking at your application deployment cookbook
Deployment using zip/tar files. E.g: Apache Tomcat deployment and configured as service.
Windows - Configuring Services like IIS
Dependencies Management
Integrating with the Cloud
Amazon EC2
Rackspace Cloud

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